Learn how to retain clients for 9+ months

Get clients results so good they are excited to renew with you every month 

Evidence based coaching strategies with ghost-coaching from yours truly

ALL my personal coaching tools, frameworks and protocols and check-in systems 


Okay, so you’re a health and fitness coach right?

10 push ups for every statement you feel called out on 👇

Your basic certs didn’t prepare you fully for the online coaching space and imposter syndrome creeps in

You understand the whole protein/carbs/fat thing but you know need the true bio-individuality and more expert knowledge on nutritional periodization to really keep clients on your roster with constant results

You want done-for-you systems and templates so you’re not spending hours on every client protocols and check in

You need more coaching strategies that are specific to your unique client situations because let’s be real…. Not a lot of this was taught in textbooks

You preach balance but it’s a struggle coaching your clients to do the same because food freedom mindset seems so “woo woo” that you don’t have actual coaching strategy 

You’re new to the whole online coaching thing but building traction in your business feels slowwww and need 1:1 support & accountability to grow your business

You’ve maybe invested in coaching programs and know your niche but need help standing out online with soulmate clients applying for your program (daily) 

So how did we do?

Did we get a good pump or maybe a full blown workout?
Oooof, girl. I get it.


there is A LOT more to online coaching than what you were taught in your certifications and it can feel overwhelming & challenging when you’re in it alone 

But that doesn’t mean it has to stay that way 


Working with a mentor who has been where you want to go and understands the nuances of online macro coaching and can support your business, your ideal clients and your dreams is the missing piece to move you from just another online coach to an in demand coach & CEO

Had someone with you in the weeds of your business helping you and your clients every step of the way

A roadmap to guide not only your clients transformations but your business dreams from Point A to Point B (without any detours or u-turns) 

Real time feedback & accountability on your biz, client protocols, content & more

What if you… 

Had a pro (it's me) create with you all the templates, resources and tools your clients need to save you time with proven systems THAT WORK

Had a right-hand woman by your side to help you navigate difficult client situations, DM strategy, sales calls, objections and content marketing

Knew the exact methods I use on my clients and business that created a multi 6-fig biz with 9+ month retention rates



Create a killer offer with evidence-based coaching strategies that you feel 100% confident in implementing

Build a thriving business that increase your impact and income with satisfied clients that refer you like crazy 

Dominate the online coaching space with a coaching container that helps you stand out from the crowd & provides immense value to your clients

Attract your dream niche clients that are excited to re-sign with you for 9+ months

You’ll get all the tools you need to:

I also used to struggle with being the best coach I could be–even with some certifications. I just needed someone helping me that actually understood my business, my niche of clients and gave me the tools & templates to have the best macro coaching business possible. 

That’s why I created this intimate coaching container for macro coaches needing that 1:1 support and accountability, to not only give their clients epic results, but their business epic results!

I needed someone IN THE WEEDS of my business, auditing and refining my coaching practices & coaching container.

I needed someone ghost-coaching me until I mastered these strategies myself because taking an exam to get certified wasn’t enough for real life application. 
I needed someone to provide proven systems that work within the online coaching space that were customized to way I think and like to organize.
I needed someone available to answer quick questions, review my content, bounce ideas off of and be a partner in my business.

You are more than a macro calculator.

I don’t believe basic nutrition certs provide a comprehensive enough coaching course to fully teach coaches HOW to coach online inside a successful online coaching container. 


We will start off with a 45 min Coaching Audit where I get to know your business, current clients (if any) and current systems. I do a full business and coaching protocol audit. Based on the audit and confidence assessment we put together a 16 week customized business map to focus on the areas you need specific mentorship in and then we get to work!

You’ll have access to private message me Monday- Friday for questions that come up along the way and have support in real time. Working on a client check-in and need help with your feedback? Message me and I got you. 

Over the 16 weeks we work together to tackle any projects, client case studies or systems that need refining. You’ll get monthly calls to workshop with me if you’re someone who needs support in implementation + creation. Some clients do a mix of both! 





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helping you in all things clients, systems, business and content

helping you with the client side of things and business side of things so all you have to do is execute

charging your worth because you're an industry leader

confident and prepared in all parts of your business

helping you with organization + accountability to keep you on track


Monthly 1:1 calls for check ins and real time workshopping

Customized coaching & business mapping to reach YOUR goals on your timeline

Client protocol audits & ghost coaching from me for total confidence in your client's game plans + results 

Detailed + individualized launch strategy (+ marketing templates)

Personalized content creation calendar and custom content planning with ME

Masterclass templates + freebie creation to funnel in soulmate clients on the daily 

Unlimited copy and content review for content that attracts and sells

 All my business templates so you can implement ASAP
(we’re talking roster + revenue tracker, email templating, sales script + objection handling, client check in templates, intake forms, applications & more)

I mean you probably already know me as a fitness & nutrition coach 🤎 (hi, friend)

But why should you really trust me to help you coach you or your clients... (because there are a lot of coaches out there and I don't expect you to blindly trust me)

It wasn't from having a big following on social media...

It wasn't from going viral on tiktok...

It wasn't from getting my CPT from NASM (LOL at thinking that would prepare me to coach)...

It was NOT overnight

In fact, I struggled a lot with coaching my 3 clients when I first started back in 2017. I had huge imposter syndrome, I didn't have the knowledge or experience to communicate and coach as effectively as I do today. My back end was a mess and had very little referrals.

But as time went on, I refined my coaching skills, got my Master's degree in the Science of education (I learned how people learned), gained more experience and built better communication skills with my clients....

I HIT SOME AMAZING MILESTONES…. That I want for you too!

I became so in demand that I had to bring on an assistant coach (and now SHE's full time) using my methods 😉 that I want to teach you.

I worked on becoming the best coach ever so now clients bring in referrals so I need to sell less which is possible with the referral system we’ll create for you too.
I focused on client results and creating the BEST coaching experience for them so my monthly income is stable AF, which you deserve as well! 

I ditched the imposter syndrome so I show up confidently online to build that authority… which is my plan for YOU within the next 16 weeks.

ALL made possible by becoming a damn good coach with...

trustful and respectful client relationships which isn’t taught in textbooks (but I got you)

scalable systems to keep me organized with all my client data that you’ll get access to

a bomb AF check-in process for clients to get amazing results that we will customize for you

being a human-centered coach who can write epic protocols for her clients and I’ll help you master these as well

Well, let's dive into how I...
  • Scaled my business from a part time side hustle (like 3 clients) while I was a high school teacher to quitting my teaching job and growing my roster to 100+ women!
  • Have dedicated clients who stay with me for double or triple the amount of time of their contract— building my monthly recurring revenue to $30k and growing 🚀
  • Went from solopreneur & running everything into my biz (feeling #burnout) to taking random Wednesdays off with no alarm because I have a whole team behind me
  • Hiring my assistant coach FULL TIME within 4 months because clients are forever flowing IN and most don't leave ❤️ (so income + impact always goes UP)

apply now

So yes. My methods work. I'm proficient AF in what I do. I'm not special.....I was just a regular high school teacher who had a dream and went for it.
And yes, you can have it too, even if it doesn't feel like it. You just need a mentor because let’s be real….textbooks just don’t cut it anymore. 

Industry standards for online coaching range from $250-$500/month. If you have a couple clients each month you can make your investment back. 

Will I make my investment back? 

No! We go above and beyond what certs teach you and but you should have a basic understanding of what macros and know you want to coach through a macro perspective

Do I need a macro certification to work with you? 

This program is designed to improve your current coaching practices and improve your current business strategies. It’s best for coaches who have experience coaching, have current clients or are ready to take on clients in the duration of the program

I don’t have any clients, am I a good fit? 

You've got questions


Right here ⬇️

How do I apply? 

We will create a customized business map for you on our kickstart call together. What we work on will be based on your goals for your business and where I see refining needing to happen. We work together to set up what needs to be done on a weekly basis. 

What do we work on each week?

Since this is a customized coaching container, it’s up to you. We will map out during your kickstart call exactly what I can expect from you and what you can expect from me. The more you want to tackle, the more we can achieve together. We will move at a pace that feels realistic for you but I will challenge you to to put in the work in order to be successful within the 16 weeks

How much time should I expect to spend on this program?

Once you apply I will review your application to make sure it’s a good fit. Once you’re officially signed up we start within one week. 

When would we start? 


Okay, so you’re still reading…
I know this means you’re interested so why not just apply and see what happens? 

What if it all works out better than you imagined? 

You’re investing in yourself & your clients. 

This program is for the future industry leaders who are ready to show TF up for their clients & create massive impact (and income) 

It’s for those ready to start taking their business seriously to support the life of their dreams 

Happy clients? Stable income? Confidence in your business? Me by your side to ensure you succeed? 

Why WOULDN’T you do this? 

Everything you need to succeed is right here and it’s yours for the taking

If not you, then someone else and you’ll be THAT much behind in an ever growing market.


custom content calendar with example ideas of what to post

sending you sample check ins to use with your own clients

starting the month with money in the bank

how to review clients food logs and run a successful group coaching program

DM outreach works when you have strategy behind it

Masterclass sign ups with soulmate clients who can't wait to work with you

my personal input on anything and everything you need to know to become that industry leader

framing effective coaching calls that make your program stand out amongst other coaching programs

helping you create scroll stopping content to attract your ideal clients everyday

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